What our Customers say...


A pipe burst in my house and water was everywhere. I called in SERVPRO of Parma/Seven Hills and they did a great job cleaning up the mess. 

I was impressed with SERVPRO of Parma/Seven Hills. The guys explained everything to me and they worked really fast and efficient so my house wasn't a disaster for long. 

These guys were great. Hated my basement flooding but they definitely responded quickly and took care of it. Give them a call if you're in need. 

Everyone I worked with was very respectable and professional. I was very pleased with their work and would highly recommend them for any of your mitigation needs!

I would absolutely recommend this SERVPRO. They were incredibly professional and they did a great job. 

These guys were amazing. They were so quick and took care of all the damages. very pleased with their service. 

I was very satisfied. Matt did a great job!!

Great work and staff!

The staff made this whole experience bearable. Thank you!  

After a rain storm our basement flooded. SERVPRO got all the water out and did a nice job drying it out!

When our sump pump failed we called SERVPRO who came out the same day. My husband and I were very pleased and satisfied

We found mold in our bathroom, SERVPRO did a great job with the clean up!

Tommie and his crew were very helpful. Great communication

Great service. Awesome staff!

SERVPRO did a great job cleaning the mold out of our attic 

We had a few pipes burst in our building causing major water damage. SERVPRO came and dried out everything. Did a great clean up.

Heavy winds blew part of some lose pieces off our roof causing water to run through the attic and into the second floor. The insurance adjuster recommended we call SERVPRO. We were very happy with the work.

Sean and his crew did great work. Would recommend them

We had a small kitchen fire. SERVPRO came and saved the day. Angela and Mary were very nice!

My husband and I went on vacation for a week when our basement flooded. It wasn't until we got home that we noticed the water had receded and mold started to grow. We called SERVPRO right away who came the same day.

After our unattached garage caught fire we called the insurance company who told us to call SERVPRO. We are very happy with the work that they did!

Our building flooded days before we were ready to open. Called SERVPRO and they got the job done in time for us to still be able to open on time and did a great job.

Highly recommend. They did an awesome job. We were very pleased

Matt and his crew did an awesome job!

When our house flooded due to heavy rains we called SERVPRO. My wife and I were both at work when this happened, when we got home we panicked. SERVPRO was there in less than an hour to assess the situation and started the job the same day. We could not have been happier with their services and although we hope to never need them again we will call if we ever do. Thank you

Our electrical box blew and caught fire. Our insurance company recommended we call SERVPRO and I'm sure glad we did. They were so kind and never did anything without asking us first. I will definitely be recommending them

When we found mold in our facility we called the SERVPRO team in and they did a phenomenal job. Crew members were great and the office staff were very helpful. highly recommended

Excellent Service. Very Please I would recommend

When our basement flooded, SERVPRO of Parma provided fast, professional service in getting everything dry and clean again! Their staff was very friendly, kept us informed of what the work would entail, and answered all of our questions! Overall, an amazing experience!!!!

My Heroes! When my (newly finished) basement started springing leaks it was "SERVPRO" who rescued me in my drying need.

First and most importantly they were ON TIME!! Every other technician I have dealt with in this ordeal has treated the appointment time as a suggestion, but SERVPRO was prompt and polite about it.

The two techs who came in to provide the water drying service carefully hauled in their equipment as to avoid further damage to the salvageable drywalls after they tore out every scrap of flooring, neatly wrapped it up and took it with them for disposal!   Then, the concrete was disinfected and several (relatively quiet) industrial fans and a GIGANTIC dehumidifier were strategically placed in the room to promote floor drying. All this to ensure the room would remain mold free and would dry to it's pre-catastrophe state.

When they returned to check on the status of their drying efforts, again prompt as ever, they were still just as pleasant and kind.

They made this distressing situation much less of a pull-your-hair-out moment by sharing the drying process in detail, even showing me how the equipment they used to determine dampness worked.

Long story short: My basement was treated as well as if it were their own. Walls and furniture were protected and saved from the mildewy, moldy funk that was destined for them without SERVPRO to save the day.

LOVE them.

Holy cow this guys are AMAZING!!! My sump pump broke and flooded my entire finished basement. I called SERVPRO and within hours they were at my door. It was a Sunday so I didn't expect that kind of service but they beat my plumber to my house they were so quick! I really can't say enough about the way these two guy and one lady worked!! Amazingly hard workers they are extremely carful and diligent. They cleaned everything went thru ever box put all my furniture on blocks to get it off the floor they were unreal. Would recommend them to anyone awesome company and great people working for them!

SERVPRO was very thorough and very kind. I appreciate that their employees were all knowledgeable.

SERVPRO had an excellent response, service, and the work performed was above expectations!

I have been very impressed with both Jim & Adam. They were courteous, thorough, knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure despite the challenging circumstances. P.S They handled all of my furnishings, etc. with great care.

SERVPRO employees were very friendly and professional. They arrived 15 minutes early and fielded several phone calls from our Regional Director and land lord. Matt and Angie were great to work with! I will definitely recommend SERVPRO!

The crew at SERVPRO really did some great work at my home!

I was so worried when I found out I had mold in my attic, SERVPRO was awesome from the first contact to the last day. Everyone was very friendly and did a fantastic job! They put my worries to rest and made me feel so comfortable. I'm so grateful!

SERVPRO really went above and beyond! My house was covered in soot from a fire I had and once they were done with the job, you would never even know it happened!

The SERVPRO team was courteous and performed great services at my home. My home was spotless and smelled spectacular!

The staff and crew at SERVPRO met and exceeded all expectations. They were very personable, professional, knowledgeable and friendly.

The team at SERVPRO was outstanding!! The team was very knowledgeable and professional.

The crew at SERVPRO were very nice people, they helped my house become livable again. I don't have one complaint!

SERVPRO did an excellent job! They were very friendly and answered every question I had! I would recommend them to anyone needing these services. Thanks SERVPRO!!!